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New Boston Police Chiefs

  New Boston Chiefs of Police

The below link is a wmv presentation with New Boston Police Chiefs. If anyone has past photos of prior NBPD Police Chiefs please contact NBPD and they will be added to this section and presentation. Click on the Chief’s Badge below to start the video presentation

Art Rutter                                1906-1907          Killed In The Line Of Duty (Gunshot) 04/28/07

C.W. Finney                            1907

Charles Patrick                        1907

Amos Syndor                           1907-1909

Frank Taylor                            1909

E.S. Wiget                                1909

Thomas McKinney                  1910

Joseph Fitch                             1910-1911

John Coburn                             1911-1912

Lawrence Fitch                        1912-1913

W.I. Davis                                1914-1920

Frank Hall                                1920-1923

Ollie Cassidy                            1924-1925

Tom Harris                               1926-1928         Died from Gunshot Injury on 12/21/28

John Adams                              1929

Doug Bowling                          1930-1931

Clarence Highfield                   1932-1948

George Elkins                          1948

Charles Ottney                         1949

George Elkins                          1949

Fred Brown                              1950-1961

Russell Imes                             1961-1975

Jack Foit                                   1975-1980

Gary Stone                               1980-1999

Darrold Clark                           1999– 2017

Steven Goins                            2017 to Present