About Us

†††† Welcome to the official website of the New Boston Police Department. Under the Ohio Revised Codes, Police Officers in a Village are originally recognized as Marshals and Deputy Marshals, with Marshals being the same as a Chief of Police and Deputy Marshals being the same as a† Police Officer.† In 1906, the Village of New Boston was incorporated and the first Police Department was started with the first Marshal being Art Rutter.

The Department has had two Officers killed in the line of duty, Marshal Art Rutter was shot and killed in 1907 and Marshal Tom Harris was shot in 1926 and later succumbed to his injuries in 1928.


†††† Our Department rank is comprised with a Chief of Police, Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant, and Patrolman. Currently the ordinances for New Boston require† ten sworn full time Police Officers.† In addition to the Police Officers, we have four full time civilian dispatchers and four part-time civilian dispatchers.


†††† Our Department operates twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and is equipped with six hours jail facilities and dispatching for all emergency calls for police, fire, and ambulance within the Village.


††††† Our Department serves and protects a Village with a population of around 2,300 residents and a day time population of around 7,000 to 10,000 people who work, shop and travel through our Village.


††††††††† All criminal cases and arrests are prosecuted within the New Boston Mayorís Court and the Portsmouth Municipal Court. Officers investigate all misdemeanor and felony crimes occurring within the Village. Misdemeanor cases can be prosecuted through the Mayorís Court or filed and prosecuted at Municipal Court. On felony cases that are investigated, they can be presented to the Scioto County Grand Jury and then prosecuted at the Scioto County Court of Common Pleas.

This is our new department uniform patch that was created in 2009. The patch represents the Southern Ohio Valley Scenery including the Ohio River which runs along New Boston. The patch also shows the old Steel Mill of New Boston which is the heritage of New Boston. The department has been serving the people of New Boston since 1906.

New 2009 police vehicles with the new departmentís vehicle graphic designs.

Our new police vehicles are computer equipped and have internet access.

Our departmentís 911 dispatch center, located in the police dept.

New Boston Police Dept. 1919