Mayor's Court


Mayor’s Court is held at the New Boston Community Center at 3980 Rhodes Avenue in room number 16. Currently, the Mayor’s Court is held every Wednesday at 8:30 A.M.

If you have been summoned or bonded to appear in Mayor’s Court on a traffic citation or criminal charge and you fail to appear at your scheduled date and time, a arrest warrant will be issued for your arrest. Anyone needing information about their appearance can call  the Mayor’s Court Clerk Office at 740-456-4103.

In Mayor’s Court, the Mayor of the Village of New Boston presides over all cases and has the same authority as a regular judge. If defendants do not want the Mayor to hear your charges you can have your case transferred to Portsmouth Municipal Court where a Municipal Judge will hear the case. All misdemeanor criminal cases are prosecuted by the Village Solicitor/Prosecutor.

If you want to file a criminal charge in Mayor’s Court, you must first make a police report at the police department and a investigation will be conducted on the complaint and reviewed by the Village Prosecutor and if criminal charges are warranted then the complaint will be filed with the Mayor’s Court.

You can call the court's clerk office at (740)456-4103 for a current bond or fine amount on a traffic ticket or criminal charge, or parking ticket.

 All traffic tickets and parking tickets can be paid at court's clerk office located within the New Boston Community Center or can be paid by phone with credit card by calling the Clerk's Office at (740)456-4103.