File A Report Online

Please Read Before Proceeding With Filing A Report Online:

Your incident or accident must occur within the jurisdiction boundaries of the Village of New Boston. If your incident or accident did not occur in New Boston you must contact the Law Enforcement Agency who has jurisdiction.

Welcome to the New Boston Police Department's Citizen Online Crime and Incident Reporting System. The Online Crime & Incident Reporting System is designed to make it easier and more convenient to file a police report without leaving your home and this system will help free up Officers who respond to minor calls for a report to be made to where Officers can now spend that time responding to urgent or emergency calls, however, not every crime or incident can be reported using this online system.

If this is an Emergency please call  9-1-1 immediately if a crime is in progress or someone is hurt, threatened, or in danger, call 9-1-1 immediately.

Using the New Boston Police Department's Online Citizen Crime & Incident Reporting System allows you to submit a report immediately and print a copy of your report for free and give to your insurance company. If you would like an Officer to contact you after you submit a report you just mark that on the report and after your report is received and reviewed an Officer will contact you for further follow-up on your incident.

If you can Answer Yes to the below questions, You Can Not use this report system. You must call the Police Department at (740) 456-4109:

1.) Is this an emergency or a crime in progress right now?

2.) Are you reporting an auto accident or hit skip where there is injuries or claimed injuries?

3.) Are you reporting a stolen firearm/gun or stolen vehicle?

4.) Are you reporting a theft offense or property damage where the value of loss is over $1000?

5.) Are you reporting a possible hate crime or bias related crime?

6.) Is this a crime of violence (i.e. assaults, domestic violence/threats, stalking, robbery by force, burglary where home was occupied, breaking and entering into a occupied business structure, sex related crimes)?

7.) Are you reporting a missing person or child?

8.) Is there any injuries to any persons?

9.) Is there any physical evidence connected to the incident that needs to be collected by an Officer (i.e. blood, tools or items left by the suspect, obvious fingerprints, security surveillance video footage where it could be lost if not secured or copied right away).

 You can use the Online Reporting System for the following incidents:

1.) Petty Theft, including Shoplifting Incidents under $1000 value.

2.) Theft of items from a Motor Vehicle where loss value is under $1000.

3.) Medication Theft

4.) Identity Theft/Stolen Credit Card Use, Fraud.

5.) Phone, Computer, Text Harassments.

6.) Criminal Mischief (Tampering with your property no damage).

7.) Damage to Property Under $1000 value (i.e. vehicle, or other property).

8.) Burglary and Breaking and Entering into Unoccupied Structures (i.e. vacant houses, business structures, garages).

9.) Trespassing onto your property where the person has already left the area.

10.) Reporting a traffic accident (most generally on private property) where there was no injuries or claimed injuries and you have already exchanged information with the other driver or property owner.

 Specific Information Regarding Fraud, Identity Theft, Stolen Credit Card Use Reports

If you are the victim of identity theft or fraud related incidents please get and keep all papers, receipts, cancelled checks, bank transaction records, mail from companies, etc. related to this crime so everything can be turned over to an Officer upon follow-up if needed.

Specific Information Regarding Phone, Computer, Text Harassment Reports

If you have been the victim of phone, computer, text harassment incidents please get and keep copies of all papers, phone records, audio recordings, copies of texts etc. related to this crime so everything can be turned over to an Officer upon follow-up if needed.

Specific Information Regarding Traffic Accident Reports

Most generally citizens will use this report system for private property accidents, such as on parking lots or privately owned lands, where a Officer could not respond right away at the time and the parties involved had to leave the scene after they exchanged their personal information and insurance information and needing a report for their insurance company.

Beware under Ohio Revised Code Traffic Laws it is unlawful not to stop after you knowingly hit another vehicle or property belonging to another person. You are required to stop immediately at the scene and exchange information (i.e. name, address, phone number, insurance name and policy number). If the other vehicle was unattended or the property was not at home the law says you must attached a written note with your information on it and attached it to the other vehicle, usually underneath the wiper blade or leave at the property owners residence.

Upon submitting your Accident Report a Officer will be contacting you to go over the report and will require you to submit or bring in your auto insurance information. The Officer will also determine if this accident needs to be reported to the Ohio BMV and if so the Officer will transfer your information onto an Ohio Traffic Crash Report to send to the Ohio BMV.