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Complaint Form        

Compliment Form

To file a compliment or a complaint on a Employee of the New Boston Police Department please click on the PDF link above and download the form and fill it out and mail back to the attention of the Chief of Police Office or you can bring it into the Police Department and ask to speak with a Supervisor.

If you would like the Chief of Police to be aware of a situation or incident and don't want to fill out a complaint or compliment form, you can call the Chief at 740-456-4109 and ask to speak with him or leave your name and number and the Chief will call you back.

 The Citizen complaint form is designed to provide people with a way to express their concerns about police service. This system provides a fair, factual, and objective review of an individual’s concern.

 Note: Complaints about the underlying reason for a traffic citation or criminal arrest must be resolved by the court and cannot be investigated as a complaint against a Police Officer. However, if a Police Officer used excessive force, or was rude to you, or your rights were violated, or you are a victim of racial profiling can be investigated through this process of filling out the complaint form.

 There are instructions on the form to read and follow and you can either bring the form into the Police Department and request to see a Supervisor or can be mailed into the Police Department at the attention of the Chief of Police Office and then a assigned Investigator will be contacting you to go over your complaint and concerns.

All complaints will be investigated and a finding made by the Chief of Police within 90 days of turning in your complaint. Depending on what the complaint is, it might not take that long to receive a finding on your complaint, however, some complaints might take the full 90 days depending on what needs to take place. The Chief of Police will send the complaining Citizen a letter of findings on their complaint within 90 days. All Citizens can appeal the Chief's finding to the Mayor of New Boston. In doing so, the citizen can write a letter to the Mayor requesting a appeal of the Chief's findings and stating they believe further action needs to be taken to correct the situation. 

If a Citizen wants to call the Chief of Police to speak with him about a situation they had with the Police Department but not want to officially fill out a written complaint form, a Citizen can call the Chief and address their concern on what happen. Depending on what is said and what occurred the Chief may or may not start an investigation and may advise the alleged employee of corrective action. However, if an written complaint form is turned in, the Chief will conduct a formal investigation into the complaint.

The Chief will compile an annual review of all formal  written Citizens Complaints and or Department Internal Misconduct Investigations that were investigated and a finding was made. This annual review is available to the public upon request at the Chief of Police Office.

 Outcome of Findings

 Sustained– The accusation is supported by evidence. Depending on the severity of the action, a sustained finding may result in disciplinary action. A letter will also be placed into the Employee’s personnel file .

 Not Sustained– There is not enough evidence to either prove or disprove the accusation. Unfounded there is no evidence to support the accusation.

 Exonerated– The accusation is true, but the action taken by the employee was legal and appropriate for the situation.

 Policy/Procedure– The accusation was clearly about the proper use of an approved department policy or procedure.

 Cancelled for Cause– The alleged misconduct could not have occurred or the person named in the complaint is not a department employee.

 Unable to Resolve– There is not enough information to complete an investigation.